“Whimsically dream-like, the designs of esta Uruguay-born designer are some of the
MOST imaginative we've seen. That does not mean they're impractical, though: These tiny With wearable frocks magical balance, making them pretty much ideal.”


“Meet Uruguay's Gonzalo Guigou Whose sartorial take on trend-led autumn florals, is laced with a darker edge of romanticism. His latest collection Takes inspiration from the Natural metamorphosis of wildlife in bloom, and an abstract sense of evolution is translated into the organic construction of garments, with perfectly-placed detail, Considered cuts and vivid prints. NOT JUST A LABEL”


“Although Gonzalo's designs reflect his wonderfully unique take on the world, his clothes remain grounded and always wearable. He never forgets that a real live woman is the final wearer of his pieces. This professionalism and realism is also found in how he runs his business, which can sometimes be a daunting task for creative minds. Luckily, Gonzalo seems to be one of those lucky left & right brain people!”

Alexandra Pisco

Maisons de Mode
“Their investigations are wonderful. He always showed great professionalism,
commitment and excellence.”

Angela Rubino

School Coordinator University Centre of design